Le Fer Hall

Ezequiel Fernandez Carunchio

What is your hometown?
Buenos Aires, Argentina

What high school did you attend?
Instituto Maria Auxiliadora

What is your major?
Majoring in Business Administration with minors in Leadership and Marketing

List what you’re involved in on campus (clubs, organizations, etc).
Men’s soccer, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Marketing and Communications Office Intern

Why did you choose SMWC?
It happened almost by coincidence since I heard about SMWC because a friend was talking to the men’s soccer coach. When I came with him for his visit, it just felt like it was the place I was meant to be at. After being shown around and talking to advisors, I was ready to transfer here.

How would you describe SMWC?
I would say SMWC is really calm. It makes you feel like you are more than just a student or an athlete. Every faculty member or employee is nice and tries to make SMWC the best experience for each student.

What do you do for fun on campus?
I like hanging out with my friends at the dorms, going to the soccer fields and working out at Club 64.

What do you love most about living on campus (only applies to students who live on campus)?
I would say the amount of different locations it has, for instance if you want to hang out, SMWC has multiple spots, same thing with studying.

How is SMWC different from other schools?
The history of SMWC is what makes it a different and unique place.

What advice would you share with an incoming freshman or transfer student?
I would tell them to enjoy every moment. Four years at college go by very fast. Also, not to stress, things will turn out good eventually.

In a couple statements, reflect on your time at The Woods.
So far, my time at The Woods has been great. I can see a big difference in how I was when I arrived at SMWC and how I am now. It has helped me grow and become better in different aspects of my life. Also, it has helped me enjoy my college experience and make the best out of every activity.